Eden McCarthy Massage Therapy

About Eden

Eden McCarthy graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage and Allied Health Sciences in New York City in 1994 after which she started her own therapeutic massage practice in Ashland, Oregon. From 2000 to 2010, Eden also worked at the Phoenix Day Spa where she dedicated herself to a full-time clientele and to studying new techniques through continuing education.

Now, with over 25 years of experience, Eden devotes herself full-time to clients who place a high value on self-care and well-being.  Eden considers herself a facilitator more than a healer.  She believes that massage helps a body heal itself by calming the nervous system and working the tension and toxins out of the muscles. And there’s that magic element of touch which can on its own, soothe, nurture and heal your body and spirit.

Eden has a Masters degree in Management, and undergraduate degrees in French Literature and Theater. She speaks French and also a little Spanish.  Click here to learn about her life coaching services.



I have had my therapeutic massages for almost 5 years in the Garden of Eden. Let me explain. Not the biblical Garden of Eden, but the office and working space of one Eden McCarthy, MM LMT. In a warm and well appointed space, I immediately begin to relax. The next steps will take my mind and body a bit closer to ‘heaven’ . Eden’s hands, arms and being work thru your daily stresses, aches and pains. Employing various massage techniques such as hot stone, Eden ‘s strokes and levels of pressure get the job done in a full hour of bliss. Cocooned in warm blankets, hot foot wraps and eye mask, I slowly drift back to reality and begin to plan my return visit.

-R.E.F., More than satisfied customer, Talent, OR

Eden is Wonderful, Very professional. She has been my therapist for years. Always does wonders for my neck and back issues. Clean, warm and friendly atmosphere. I always feel comfortable recommending Eden to my friends and family.

-D.K., Ashland, OR

I have been so fortunate to have Eden as my massage therapist since 2006. Longevity of service speaks volumes about her ability and compassion.

-R.C., Ashland, OR

I have had many massages in my life, and Eden’s is my favorite. She makes me feel special because she listens to me and caters the massage to my requests. She is attuned to what I and my body need and has a focused presence. She is a gem. I wish I lived closer so I could work with her more regularly.

-L.M., Eugene, OR

I look forward to my massages from Eden. I know I will leave deeply relaxed and cared for. The massage is so thorough, with just the right amount of pressure. Eden is very strong and can sustain a deep muscle massage for 90 minutes. Her attention to detail and her focus is impressive. She is very professional and knowledgeable about her work. And she is respectful, warm, and kind.

-D.G., Talent, OR

If the gods invented anything better than an Eden McCarthy massage, they kept it for themselves!

-G.M., Talent, OR

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