Rockin’ it With Kenbiki


Those of you who have had a massage with me know that I begin most of my sessions with a rhythmic rocking of the back and hips, followed by compression along the spine and down the body. What you probably don’t know is that this is a Japanese centering technique which often precedes a Shiatsu treatment. This rocking and pressing combo is called Kenbiki, which according to some, means “rhythmic, dynamic hand”.

My Shiatsu instructor told us 20 years ago that by rocking and wiggling the spine, we are affecting the energy of the body at its core by promoting fluidity and movement. A Google search now reveals that eastern massage techniques like Kenbiki keep our joints mobile and rid our bodies of “neurological impingements”. Unless a client has an injury, I will use Kenbiki to wake up the nervous and circulatory systems before a massage and to free up stuck energy. Some people naturally wiggle more than others, but everyone benefits from the stimulation of our most basic part – the complex, beautiful and intelligent spine.

If you’d like to learn more about how to do Kenbiki, check out this 20-minute YouTube instructional video.

Rock on, health lovers!

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