Massage Services

Ashland MassageAll services include hot towels on the feet and specialized products. Unscented nut-free oil is used for sessions or in combination with FES’s Seasons of the Soul Herbal Flower Oils. For detailed information on these powerful flower oils, click here.

Swedish and Deep Tissue

60 or 90 minute sessions

Swedish massage is usually what most people think of as massage. Techniques include effleurage (long slow strokes along the muscle fibers), petrissage (wringing and twisting the muscles across the muscle fibers) and cross-fiber friction (using your thumbs and elbows to work out specific points going against the muscle fibers.) Deep Tissue massage includes the above and adds long, slow muscle stripping along the length of the muscles, using thumbs and elbows or selected massage tools. The goal for both massages is to break up the muscle fibers that are stuck together which will increase blood flow, rid the area of lactic acid and decrease pain. In addition, both styles stimulate nerve pathways, calm the nervous systems and just plain feel good!

Hot Stones

75 minute session – Not available at this time due to COVID-19 protocols

Hot Stone massage is a combination of the techniques mentioned above plus the use of preheated stones to warm and work the muscle tissues. Stones are also placed along the spine on your back and along chakra points on your front to relax you and prepare your muscles for massage. The stones add a grounding quality to the massage and the occasional sound of them clinking together will make you think you’re creekside.

Pregnancy Massage

60 minute session

Body Cushions are provided to allow the client maximum comfort and to lie face down during her massage. Swedish massage techniques are used to target key areas of discomfort and relax her baby-making body. Acupressure points that can stimulate labor are carefully avoided until the time when she feels this could be helpful!


50 minute session

Practiced in China for the last 5,000 years, reflexology uses points on the feet to stimulate balance and healing in the whole body. While there are no actual neural pathways from these points on the foot to the places they represent in the body and no scientific explanation for how it works, who can argue with millenniums of practical experience? This treatment includes some head, ear and lower leg massage.

Massage Prices (at the time of service)


60 minute massage$90
90 minute massage$120
Pregnancy Massage$90
Hot Stone$120
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