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Love That Body

Some of the comments my clients make about their amazing bodies are downright cruel, especially lately.  Is it because the sun is out and clothes are coming off?  Is it because people are spring cleaning and want to get healthy?  Or is it because they have injuries, want to lose weight or push their limits? Whatever the reason, people are cursing their bodies.  There is nothing wrong with wanting change, unless beating oneself up is involved.  I try to steer these self-condemners toward healthier thoughts, though admittedly, I sometimes treat myself the same way.  Getting strong, healthy, and beautiful are admirable goals, AND we can’t always get there overnight.  So what can we do in the meantime to love our bodies as we work to change them?

One thing to do is listen to Geneen Roth.  She is a teacher, speaker, author and body-love advocate whose words I often find inspiring.  I’ve shared her blog entry, “Love The One You’re With”, with so many clients that I decided to post the link here for anyone else who might benefit.  Trying to change things while loving and accepting where we are is a paradox that I haven’t cracked yet.  Geneen’s words definitely helped me and maybe they will help you, too.  Click here to read her blog:  Love The One You’re With

And author and self-professed “Queen of Self-Love”, Christine Arylo, says this :

You see, you have this body and it’s counting on you to love it, to remember it is sacred, to adore it, adorn it, appreciate it, LOVE it.  And in today’s image centric, glossed over, photoshopped, comparison-driven culture, it can be way easier to treat your body like a workhorse, a slave, a neglected child, a project, something to fix, to whip into shape, to compare, to judge, to ignore until it screams for your attention, to stuff full of something just so you don’t have to feel the emptiness and loneliness.

BUT today is different. Today is a day for YOU to take a self love promise to finally treat your body with the respect, honor and sacredness she/he deserves.

Finally, my improv dance teacher reminded our class the other day that our bodies are magic, that we were “dancing in magic.”  So yes!  Let’s get bigger, smaller, better, stronger, weaker, younger, older, definitely wiser AND love our bodies along the way 🙂

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