LOL = Inner Massage

LOL Inner Massage

I’ve been craving laughter.  As a teenager, almost anything could send me into fits of hysterics – the side-splitting, cheek-challenging kind that left me exhausted and panting at the end. I was constantly shushed in school for giggling, and almost got kicked out of an assembly when a friend and I burst out laughing every time the speaker made exuberant and explosive “p” sounds into the microphone. Those were the days!

I recently saw Twelfth Night at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and found myself laughing out loud, repeatedly, at the belly level!! The experience felt foreign and wonderful, and I looked around at one point, half-expecting to get shushed. Sadly, I realized that the last time I had laughed uncontrollably was a couple of years ago after surgery when I noticed a hummingbird whose face looked like my little terrier 🙂  I’m not sure that one even counted because it was Vicodan-induced! My experience at Twelfth Night was like getting an inner massage, and I’ve been laughing more and harder since.  Here are three of my favorite videos just for humor’s sake:

  1. This one was sent to me by a friend after throwing my low back out while sneezing, Emergency Room Story
  2. This one is hilarious because Stopping It is impossible, Bob Newhart – Stop It
  3. This one is just so well-done and enjoyable, A Thanksgiving Miracle – SNL

I found a little blog/article that contains suggestions and resources for adding humor to one’s life, and mentions how laughter and humor can even change someone’s destiny – check it out:  Laughter is the Best Medicine.  If you’re in the area, go see Twelfth Night which is the funniest and most skillful production of the play I’ve seen, and I’ve seen many.  Wishing you intense LOL moments.  Here’s to laughing our asses off!

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