Flying Solo After the Whole30: My “Sugar Dragon” is Alive


Little by little, my sugar dragon has been taking over.  How?  By adding cream and honey to my tea, taking a bite of dark chocolate at a yoga retreat, experimenting with Truvia in my decaf, and eating sausage and bacon cured with sugar.  These little trials led to croissants with butter and jam over coffee with a girlfriend and a hamburger and killer vanilla milkshake at the Greensprings with a guyfriend.  Yum.  For sure, but these evolving indulgences keep resulting in an unhappy belly, all-day yawning after sleeping well, and crazy sugar fantasies – like wanting to stuff raw cookie dough in my mouth when I see it in the grocery store.  One of the reasons I went on the Whole30 was to eliminate sugar cravings, and I did.  For me, it only works when I stay completely on the plan, though.  I don’t know if I have the discipline to “eat just one”.

Since all things sweet are on my mind, I jumped on the following articles.  Check them out.  The jury is still out on honey, as far as I’m concerned, but perhaps this natural sweetener can work for you 🙂  Back on the Whole30 I go…

Are Natural Sugars Better than Refined Sugar?

“Life-Giving” Sugar = Honey

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