LOL Inner Massage

LOL = Inner Massage

I’ve been craving laughter.  As a teenager, almost anything could send me into fits of hysterics – the side-splitting, cheek-challenging kind that left me exhausted and panting at the end. I was constantly shushed in school for giggling, and almost got kicked out of an assembly when a friend and I burst out laughing every time the speaker made exuberant and explosive “p” sounds into the microphone. Those were the days! I recently saw Twelfth Night at the Oregon Shakespeare

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Flying Solo After the Whole30: My “Sugar Dragon” is Alive

Little by little, my sugar dragon has been taking over.  How?  By adding cream and honey to my tea, taking a bite of dark chocolate at a yoga retreat, experimenting with Truvia in my decaf, and eating sausage and bacon cured with sugar.  These little trials led to croissants with butter and jam over coffee with a girlfriend and a hamburger and killer vanilla milkshake at the Greensprings with a guyfriend.  Yum.  For sure, but these evolving indulgences keep resulting in an unhappy belly, all-day yawning after sleeping well, and crazy sugar

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Still into Whole 30

Still into the Whole30…

For my clients who experience systemic inflammation and food addiction/cravings, I can’t recommend the Whole30 enough for changing body composition and metabolism, improving your relationship with food, and eliminating other pesky, chronic diet and health issues.  Please see my June 2015 blog entry for a description of the Whole30.  This entry is about the reintroduction phase of the plan. I ended up doing a Whole43, and then starting the reintroduction with a “slow-roll”.  This is where you basically continue doing the Whole30 plan,

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